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Helpful Reading-What About The Children? Before, During, and After Divorce by Judith Wallerstein  

Divorce mediation of alabama


At Divorce Mediation of Alabama, Ms. Hockman specializes in high conflict resolution where children are involved.  Her beliefs and principles are based around doing what's best for the children along with property and asset division. "Children shouldn't be used as a pawn. My goal in the mediation setting is to have a swift and fair settlement for both parties. There are no winners in a divorce."  -Paige Hockman



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Paige Hockman formed Divorce Mediation of Alabama L.L.C. in 2010 and has been  listed on the Roster for the State of Alabama Center For Dispute Resolution since 2010.  Ms. Hockman has conducted hundreds of mediations throughout Alabama with primary focus on Divorce . 

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